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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Investigating early white matter WM change in Huntington's disease HD can improve our understanding of the way in which disease spre from the striatum. HD gene Allentown PA women dating australian men displayed reduced fractional anisotropy and increased diffusivity when compared with controls, both of which were also associated with disease progression, CSF, and mutant huntingtin protein levels. HD gene carriers also displayed proxy measures of reduced myelin contrast and iron in the striatum.

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Characterizing white matter in huntington's disease

Motivation to sext was measured through one multiple-response question, i. Most participants Reasons for sending sexts were to flirt Only However, sexting behaviours were not associated with unprotected sex. Demographic variables included gender, age, where participants were raised urban or rural areaand educational level of parents. Botswana is an upper-middle income country in sub-Saharan Africa, approximately free biker dating Savannah GA size of France or the state of Texas, with a population of about 2.

Pparα and its agonists

Participation in the study was voluntary Paterson NJ dating around students were informed about the purpose of the study, their right to withdraw from participation, and the anonymous and confidential treatment of their responses.

Delevi and Weisskirch found that extrovert participants were more likely to send sext messages and participants scoring at neuroticism and low agreeableness were more likely to send sexually suggestive photographs.

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Following the example of sexting studies, this study focussed on factors associated with sexting that were investigated in other sexting studies. Sexting and risky sexual behaviours among undergraduate students in Botswana: An exploratory study. Ever received sext photo.

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The responses to the four questions were also recoded into two dichotomous variables measuring not sending vs. Ever sent sext photo. When recoding the responses to these four sexting items into two dichotomous variables measuring i never vs. When differentiating distinctive types of sexters Table 1.

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The study also explored possible differences in sexting behaviours based on dating Pensacola expats variables, substance use, sexual activity, and the extent to which sexting was associated with risky sexual behaviours. As noted by Lesitaokana bin Botswana students use cell phones to stay connected with family and friends and to access information and social media from Tucson pick up lines for guys internet.

Some studies, however, did not find a relationship between sexting and sexually risky behaviours Currin et al. Obakeng L. Little is known about sexting behaviours among young people living in African countries. Motivation to sext.

The latter are more likely date ideas North Las Vegas NV be in stable romantic relationships and at the prime of their sexuality where they might enjoy sharing sexts Levine, In some cases, however, intimate partners may aggressively coerce each other into sexting behaviours Drouin et al. One of the conclusive findings is that young people who engage in sexting were more likely to be sexually active i.

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Table 2. Ferguson found histrionic personality traits to be associated with sexting. Receiving sexts. With a high rate of human immunodeficiency virus HIV infections among young meet Gainesville FL men online i. Keywords: Botswana; undergraduate students; risky sexual behaviours; sexting; young adults. Use of alcohol and illicit drugs. Risky sexual behaviours.

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Data was collected from a convenience sample through a self-administered questionnaire that was distributed in four undergraduate classes attended by students from various academic programmes after approval from an ethics board at the University of Botswana. Risky sexual behaviour was operationalized through five questions measuring i whether or not participants had engaged in unprotected sex at their mauritian dating Orlando Fl sexual intercourse i.

Sexual activity. Most knowledge about Fredericksburg dating a white man behaviour stems from studies investigating young people in North America, Europe, and Australia for review cf. Cell phones are a common means of communication across all socio-economic strata in Botswana Lesitaokana, a.

Considering the limited research on sexting in Botswana and other African countries, this study was of exploratory nature and aimed to investigate sexting behaviours in Botswana and to discuss the in relation to sexting research conducted in Western countries. Sexting behaviour i.

Addressees of sexting. T he present study aimed to investigate sexting behaviours among undergraduate students who have a monthly stipend that enables them free Brownsville ladies purchase cell phones and, therefore, have access to sexting.

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Given that the internal consistency reliability between the five items measuring risky sexual behaviours was low, the dating in Layton were analysed separately with regard to sexting.

Sexual activity was determined from the responses to a question that asked whether or not respondents had ever had sexual intercourse during their lifetime. Addressees of sexting were measured through one multiple-response question, i.

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Binary logistic regression analysis was applied to determine predictors of sexting behaviours. Another variable computed on the basis of these four questions measured distinctive types of sexters i.

Participants were asked whether or not they had ever drank alcohol and whether or not they had ever used illicit drugs i. The final sample was participants For the purpose of this study, those who were raised in a village or on farms and cattle posts Participants were enrolled in programmes in the Social Friends with benefits dating Boston Sexting behaviours.

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Frequency of sexting. Mean SD. Ever received sext message. More specifically, t he Botswana government provides all academically deserving young people, regardless of their economic means, with cost-free access to tertiary education, including a living allowance Ministry of Education and Skills Development, that enables students to obtain and communicate through cell phones. Little is known as to whether findings of such studies also apply to young people living in African countries.

The should add to existing knowledge about sexting and provide parents, sex hookup Pensacola, student counsellors, and health care providers Champaign teen free online Botswana with some insights into factors associated with sexting behaviours. More specifically, the study aimed to explore sexting behaviours among undergraduate students in Botswana and asked to whom they sent their sexts, what motivated them free flirt Henderson sext, whether they were aware of the risks of sexts being forwarded to people they did not intend to send sexts, and whether they forwarded sexts to others.

Whether or not young people engage in sexting depends on various factors, including attachment styles and personality traits. At least once. Ever sent sext message.

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Demographic background. From a developmental perspective, sexting may contain more risks for adolescents than for young adults. Sending sexts. Of those who were sexters, Among the sexters, Slightly more than a third of the participants Table 2 presents associations between sexting behaviours and demographic variables. Participants were allowed to select all response that applied to them. Three-hundred-and-nineteen questionnaires were distributed and all of them were local sex Fort Collins CO however, ten questionnaires were incomplete in large part and, therefore, excluded from data analysis.

Perception of the risk of sexting. Table 1 shows that Slightly fewer participants reported that they had received sext photos at least once Similarly, The mean score for frequency of sexting was 4.

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Forwarding of sexts was measured by one item, i. The researchers did not find any studies that assessed sexting behaviours in Botswana. Forwarding of sexts. T he present study aimed to explore sexting behaviours among young people in Botswana.

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Gender was partly associated with sexting behaviour. The are compared with findings from Western countries and discussed with regard to public health care and safe sex education in Botswana. Studies of looking for date in Dallas Tx relationship between sexting and risky sexual behaviours have found that sexting was associated with condomless sex Benotsch et al.